FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1- How much is cost of official Players? It will be 100 Euro Registration fee to organization committee + 70 Euro to FIDE as Entry fee. ( Total 170 Euro )

2- How much is cost for Extra Player? it will be 460 Euro  {100 Euro Registration fee+ (12 x 30 Euro) 360 Euro } plus 140 Euro to FIDE as Entry Fee. (Total 600 Euro)

3- How much is cost for accompanying person? It will be 460 Euro {100 Euro Registration fee + (12 x 30 Euro) 360 Euro } ( Total 460 Euro )

4- Can accompanynig persons book Rooms? Yes, in the University hostels shall be provided for registered accompanying persons.

5- In which UAE airport should delegates arrive? Any airport in U.A.E. is ok. Major airports are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and bus transportation will be provided for all on arrival and departures days.

6- Is it possible to book a hotel? The Organization Committee is negotiating with hotels in Alain and prices will be announced soon. Hotels In Alain are the Rotana 5*, Danat 4*, Hilton 4* and some other 3* hotels.

7- What are the rooms like? The hostel has twin rooms with single beds and a shared bathroom in between. There are also dormitory rooms with four beds. A video will be posted on the web.

8- Can families of different gender stay together in the same place? Yes families (e.g. mothers with their sons) may stay together in the University hostel. The aim is to have delegations together as much as possible.

9- How can participants register? Usernames and passwords have been sent to all national federations to register online.

10- How is the food? The same company that caters daily to thousands of students shall also cater for the World Youth championship. Vegetarian food shall be available.

11- Where is the playing hall? The venue is in the University, close to the main hostel.

12 - How can we obtain visas to the UAE? The National Chess Federations should register online and upload clear scanned passport copies and ID photos. The organizing committee will apply for the visas and email to national federations.

13 - Will internet be available? Yes, WiFi is available throughout the complex including rooms, restaurants and all over the University.

14 - Will there will be any tours to visit the UAE? Yes, there will be daily tours to destinations such as Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah for shopping and entertainment.