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1. The deadline for registration is 17th October. After this date a penalty of 100 € (Euros) for each late registration will be charged to participants till 17th November latest. After this date, organizers reserve the right to refuse or decline late registrations or charge double costs for participants.

2. Federations should register online for official players by the above deadline of 17th October. After this date no official players will be accepted and their application will be treated as if they were an additional player. Online registration password will be provided to national federations.

3. The registration form must include the Federation, FIDE ID, surname, first name, FIDE rating and FIDE title and clear scanned passport copy of every player and every accompanying person. It must also include the name, details and phone number/ address/ fax/ email of the head of the delegation. An ID photo must also be sent for each player (guest, additional or qualified) and each accompanying person together with the registration. Incomplete registration shall not be accepted.

4. All the travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their Federation. Only member Federations of FIDE are entitled to submit registration forms. Individual applications will not be accepted.

5. Each player (official, qualified or additional) and each accompanying official/person must pay to the organizing committee the amount of 100 € (Euros) at the moment of their registration (before 17th October 2013). This payment is compulsory and represents a confirmation of participation. This payment includes transportation from and to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports, accreditation, identification badges and organisation cost.

6. Personal rights players, guest players and officials for each Federation should be registered online by 17th October 2013. If a person pays a deposit and does not participate, then the amount is not refundable. After this date a penalty of 100 € (Euros) for each late registration will be charged to participants. However, organizers reserve the right to decline late registrations.

7. Travel details. The venue is the UAE University in Al Ain, 120 km from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi airports which are hubs of many airlines with regular flights per day from major airports all over the World. There is also an international airport in Al Ain.

8. A player registered in a lower category of age due to a mistake in specifying his / her birthday will have his / her registration suspended until rectification.