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Event Date Start Time
Arrival of Delegations Tuesday 17th December  
Opening Ceremony   20:00
Technical Meeting Wednesday 18th December 11:00
Ceremonial Moves   14:30
1st round   15:00
2nd round Thursday 19th December 15:00
3rd round Friday 20th December 15:00
4th round Saturday 21st December 09:00
5th round   16:00
6th round Sunday 22nd December 15:00
7th round Monday 23th December 15:00
8th roun Tuesday 24th December 10:00
Blitz Championship   18:00
Cultural Celebration   20:00
Free Day Wednesday 25th December  
9th round Thursday 26th December 15:00
10th round Friday 27th December 15:00
11th round Saturday 28th December 09:00
Closing Ceremony   20:00
Departure of Delegations Sunday 29th December