Day 2 of the WYCC 2013


Round 2. World Youth Chess Championship 2013, Al Ain


Round 2 of the World Youth Chess Championship 2013 has started as scheduled. The organizers have made an effort to arrange the online transmission of some of the games which would help the whole chess world to feel the atmosphere in Al Ain. The video broadcast will be set up the following days. You will have some chess commentaries of later rounds as well.


Despite some inconvenience caused by the queues in the restaurant, players feel comfortable staying in the Campus. The lines in the canteen is explainable: the championship broke all the records in the number of guests and participants: more than 4000 guests, including players, parents and participants of the Open tournament are hosted in Al Ain UAE University. The organizers promptly reacted on this problem and opened more lines with the same service.


Many players of the groups U-16 and U-18 have come to Al Ain with a definite goal: to show good results and be selected by their national federation to be a national team member for the next World Chess Olympiad. The Norwegian female players Monika Machlik and her sister have prepared thoroughly to this Championship. They intend to show their good performance and Monika has all chances to be a part of the Norwegian national team in the Olympiad 2014: she already won two first games in a row.


One of the interesting and the last-ended games was on board 2 of Open section under 10. The Chinese boy fought almost till the last piece against the young player from Turkey. The coach of the Turkish young players, IM Mert Erdogdu hopes that his students would show good results in the championship. It is important to mention that one of his pupils finished second in the last year championship. He also underlined that his students, as well as other Turkish young players, show a real interest in chess. They have talent, motivation and desire to show good chess and achieve good results. Let us wish them and all other participants good luck, interesting battles and nice staying in Al Ain.


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