Day 4 of the WYCC 2013


Day 4 of the WYCC 2013 had two rounds (4-5) of the World Youth Chess Championship. The live video broadcast and online game transmission of some games have been settled. The same day Round 3 of the Open Al Ain Classic took place. We have met the International Grandmaster Anton Filippov of Uzbekistan and asked him some questions on both tournaments.


  • Is it your first time in Al Ain? What impressions do you have from staying here?


  • Yes, this is my first time in Al Ain. As for the impressions, I am very pleased to be here for the weather is fantastic. Taking into account that there is a real winter in my country now, it is good to be in a warm place. The organization in general is not very good. I have never participated in any tournaments in Al Ain before, but they say that usually the organization has been provided on a proper level. Starting from Round 1 it was a bit chaotic. Let's hope that everything will be stabilized soon.


  • How did you choose the Open to participate?


  • Parallel to the Open tournament, there is the World Youth championship going on the same dates. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone: to play myself and to help my pupils who participate in the youth tournament.


  • Oh, you have your pupil here, that is nice.  We will come back to your pupils later on. Let's speak about the Open. Do you consider it to be a strong competition?


  • Yes, it is strong enough tournament.


  • How are you doing so far at the tournament?


  • Well, I am not doing well from what I see. I have 50% now, but managed to get plus one. So, it can't be called a good performance. I wish I could have laid the blame on some circumstances, but it is clear that it is my own sports shape.


  • Who is the favorite in the Open tournament to your mind?


  • It is obvious that Baadur Jobava is a favorite of the competition. He is number one in the list and a strong player in general.


  • Baadur Jobava often participates in some tournaments in Al Ain. The fact that he may have been used to weather, conditions, meal, etc helps him feel comfortable to play here..


  • Well, I am not following Baadur's success in Al Ain tournaments in particular or Arabic countries in general So, I have nothing to say about that (smiling). Just as I said: he is a favorite in the Open in my opinion.


  • Tell me more about your students. How many players from Uzbekistan came to participate in the youth in general?


  • Yes, I have one pupil but also help other players from my federation as well. This time our delegation is big, 30 participants of the youth championship in different categories. As for my pupil, his name is Vokhidov Shamsiddin, he participates in U-12 group. It was unlucky day for him yesterday. He lost two rounds in a row. Today he will most probably win and will have plus two. Let us see.


  • How is chess developed among kids in Uzbekistan?


  • Last year we had the World Champion in U-8 category - Abdusattorov Nodirbek. We are very proud of him. He is participating at this year championship as well. Also, we have won medals in Asian championships. Our children like to play chess, are motivated and supported by quite good trainer's school. Despite almost no global financing support, they show good results here and there.


  • Do you set your hopes to win some medals at the championship? Or it is a bit early to speak about it?


  • Our main hope, Javohir Sindarov who has had 5 out of 5, lost today. We still believe that he has chances, though today he lost a crucial game. But everything can happen. Taking into account how many participants there are in each category and age also, it is always a lottery.


  • What about Uzbekistani girls? How do you estimate their chances here?


  • We believe in our girls. In category U-14, our player Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova has 4.5 out of 5,. Another representative of Uzbekistan in U-14 category as well - Abdusattorova Bakhora - has also gained 4.5 out of 5. It is too early to make any predictions though, we look forward for good performance.


  • I see you follow some games of the youth event after you finish your game in Open. To your mind, how do the kids play chess? Can it be called children's chess or some of them play already a serious game?


  • Every category has its own stars that play good chess already. Also, there are weak kids as well.


  • Have you had the situation when children cried after the loss? How do you cope with that?


  • The main goal of any coach is to first of all settle down himself. Children are more emotional than adults. For them it is much more difficult to continue playing next round in a stable mood. Yesterday for instance, there were two rounds in a row. Many of children got very tired and despite of winning the morning game, showed worst performance in the afternoon one.


  • Thank you for your time and let me wish you success and good luck to you personally and to the young players of your federation as well.