Arbiters of the WYCC 2013


Before the final results are announced and we know the World Youth Champions, here are the impressions of the International Arbiter who took part in the WYC 2013.

Faisal Mohammad Al-Hammadi, an International Arbiter from the UAE is one of the Arbiters at the WYCC 2013. The work has been done and here are his impressions on the championship:


  • Faisal, I know that you have become the International Arbiter recently, our congratulations. Is it your first tournament where you work as the FIDE International Arbiter?


  • Thank you so much. Indeed, I got my FIDE IA title three months ago. Of course I have worked as an Arbiter before as well. This is my sixth tournament already: I worked in the World Cities Chess Championship, being a referee in the final round.


  • How did you become an Arbiter?


  • I was a chess player before. I started playing chess when I was 8. My rating at that time was 2050. Later I started my study in College and did not have much time for chess. So, I decided to become an Arbiter, for I love chess very much and can't quit it.


  • How did you find this championship? Did you like being an Arbiter at the children's competition?


  • Yes, if to compare a competition for adults, I would prefer working for the children's event. I love children very much. When I see their great wish to play chess, how hard they work to achieve good results, I am very pleased. This time, I have met so many young kids who love chess and have plans to become professional chess players.


  • How did you like staying here in Al Ain?


  • Al Ain is very nice and quiet city. I like coming here again and again. I participate in any tournament that is organized here. I also think that the conditions were good for players. They all have met again their friends, can share their chess skills and experience, can show how they have progressed. Also, it is good opportunity for us, arbiters, to get an experience as well and feel chess spirit. So, I think that everyone will leave Al Ain with good impressions. Plus, the city is situated in the center of our country: Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi -big cities which have very good flight connections from all over the world - are near Al Ain.


  • What plans do you have for future?


  • I would love to continue taking part in any chess competitions. I have never participated in the World Olympiads. So, I truly hope that I will have a chance to be a part of this great chess event of the next year.